Meet us

Welcome Airport Services is the largest handling agent in Poland, by the volume of carriers served. 

The company offers services of ground handling of planes and passengers to several airline operators from all over the world. We currently employ around 2000 staff members located in 8 branches around Poland.

Welcome AS was formed due to the consolidation of the following companies:

  1. Warsaw Airport Services (WAS)
  2. WAS-KRK Airport Services (LHC)

Further in 2013 process of consolidation was completed and Welcome AS was formed. The company acquired smaller handling operators from:

  1. Gańsk (GDN Airport Services)
  2. Poznań (POZ Airport Services)
  3. Szczecin (SZZ Airport Services)

The main objective of our activity is to provide the highest quality of services and continuously improve effective and professional customer service for their satisfaction and completion of market requirements 

WELCOME AS is a member of the IATA Ground Handling Council. The company holds all the required certifcates and authorizations for responsible and professional functioning.

The company received a prestigious certificate ISAGO issued by International Air Transport Association.

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