Dear Sir/Madame, we would like to inform you that we have established

 the Customs Agency Department


WELCOME Airport Services ltd. is the largest, considering the number or serviced airlines, handling agent in Poland. The company provides ground handling services for airplanes and passengers of tens airlines from all over the world. The company hires about 1800 employees in 7 stations in Poland.


Our staff consists of people for whom airport is not only work but primarily passion. Ambitious goals commit us to ensure our clients exemplary, highest quality and professional cargo services.


That is why we have established new Department – Customs Agency


Thanks to the customs agency, WELCOME is able to provide faster custom services for exported and imported goods in one place. It pretty much simplifies custom check in, because WELCOME company is also a handling agent and has its own temporary storage warehouses at the airports.


Customs Agency acts as a broker between the company and Customs Office, doing on the basis of the power of attorney, custom declarations as well as preparing all the documentation for export, import and transit custom check-ins.


Customs Agency is located at the airports:


  • Kraków Balice
  • Warsaw
  • Szczecin Goleniów


We kindly invite all interested parties to cooperation


In terms of custom services please contact:


Phone no: 793 060 111




Cennik usług celnych - obowiązuje od 25.11.2021r.

Oświadczenie o ograniczeniach

Oświadczenie o pochodzeniu towarów

Pełnomocnictwo do działania w formie przedstawicielstwa bezpośredniego

Wytyczne dla importera

Zlecenie obsługi zgłoszenia celnego

Regulamin Agencji Celnej

Wytyczne dla ustanowienia pełnomocnictwa celnego


Other services

Executive & vip aviation

General Aviation traffic support for private, corporate, military, government and VIP aircraft.


Ground service / Plate service / On-board service / Airport information / PRM


Among others in the field of: passenger service, ramp service (aircraft, deck board), soft skill training, disability awareness, regulation of dangerous goods (DGR)

Technical assistance

Professional repair, maintenance and inspection of various types and models of ground handling equipment.

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