We are the largest
handling agent in Poland

We work with a number of airlines from around the world for both passenger and cargo transportation.

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Our employees:

  • They carry out check-in and check-out (check in and gate)
  • They work on loading and unloading aircraft,
  • They operate specialized airport equipment,
  • They coordinate flight operations,
  • They perform housekeeping work on board aircraft,
  • Assist people with disabilities (PRM),
  • They assist passengers at airport information desks,
  • They handle private flights at the General Aviation & VIP terminal,
  • They handle cargo shipments, custom shipments and mail.


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The foundation of our company is people

We value the knowledge, qualification, know-how and commitment of our employees. We consciously invest in the development of their professional competence and constantly improve their skills. We work with state-of-the-art equipment and continuously train our staff to meet the highest standards of quality and safety of flight operations.

Currently, WELCOME Airport Services employs about 1,800 people.

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